Benefits of Mobile Learning in Employee Training

Benefits of Mobile Learning in Employee Training

More than 6.5 billion people worldwide use mobile phones in their daily lives. Mobile technology has changed the way we communicate with each other or learn things. On average, we spend about 3 hours with our mobile phones every day. 

Mobile technology hasn't only impacted our personal lives but also our workplace. Mobile phones have become an important part of our work culture, from using Slack to conducting Zoom meetings. In addition to communication, learning via mobile phones has also increased dramatically in recent years.


What Is Mobile Training?

Mobile training is becoming a popular concept where you can access content and learn through your mobile devices. It's also known as mobile learning or simply mLearning. This training is used in companies to onboard new employees or to train the existing ones.

This type of learning allows the staff to access content whenever and wherever they want. It enables learning at the point of need. Mobile training is the new version of online training where you don't have to be tied to your desk to attend sessions. Instead, you can browse through chapters and answer quizzes on the go.

Mobile training, when considered from a broader perspective, refers to the device and the trainees. People, including your employees, have become nomadic in the last few decades, and you've to bring learning trends in line with that.

Social media apps are addictive, and their format is too user-friendly. For instance, 9 out of 10 users on Instagram scroll through their reel section at least once a week. With mobile learning and Danfe, your team members can learn in a format similar to scrolling on Instagram. This makes it suitable for them to grasp the content.


Factors Affecting the Growth of Mobile Learning

The mobile learning market passed the $20 billion mark in 2019. This implies that more people are adopting this new approach in their corporations. Several factors have influenced the growth of this industry over the years.

  • Rise of the Generation Z

While Millennials currently make up the largest group in the US workforce, the spotlight will soon shift to Generation Z. So, it's time to create our content based on their learning habits. Of the current global population of 7.7 billion, 27% is Generation Z. Additionally, their social media preferences have changed, and their attention span has dropped to 8 seconds.

Therefore training Generation Z the same way as Millennials or Generation Y is not viable. They're the mobile-first workforce, and what better way to train them than through mobile devices? This fact has had a huge impact on the growth of mobile learning. Thousands of companies worldwide are switching to mobile training for their employees.

  • Change in Learning Patterns

We, as individuals, learn throughout our lives. Over the years, learning patterns have changed and influenced how we learn. For example, in the past, companies used to train their employees in personal one-to-one sessions. While this was good for personal interaction, it limited employers from hiring people who could relocate.

With the growth of the internet and remote working, training has been converted to an online mode. People started using desktops to communicate with their team members and to conduct sessions and workshops. In recent years, these changes in learning behavior have had a major impact on the growth of mobile learning.

More and more people are using mobile devices as their main source of entertainment and learning. Today's generation prefers the ease of learning. They focus more on the concepts and technology than on the way of learning.

  • Improvements in Technology

Technology has changed a lot in recent decades. From face-to-face meetings to going completely digital, the corporate workplace has changed a lot. This change has all been made possible by advancements in technology. The growth and wide acceptance of the internet and mobile devices have contributed to the growth of mobile learning.


How Can Mobile Learning Be Used in the Workplace?

The key to a motivated workforce is empowerment. With mobile learning, you not only add value to your employee's work experience but also empower them to grow their skills at their own pace. As a result, mobile learning is becoming more and more popular in corporate workspaces.

  • To Onboard New Employees

Mobile learning can be used to train new employees and familiarize them with your company's culture. You can also use these platforms to provide basic training on their role and responsibilities. 

  • To Train your Existing Employees

Your business will grow faster if your employees are always up to date with new technologies in the industry. You can use mobile learning to train your employees on the latest developments in technology. This can include hard skills, soft skills, and product knowledge. 

  • To Offer Compliance Training

Compliance training is mandatory for the new work culture and usually focuses on company policies and rules. This training allows employees and employers to avoid problems in the workplace. You can easily use mobile learning to offer compliance training to your new and existing employees.


Benefits of Mobile Learning in Employee Training

Corporations that want to expand their footprint and improve employee performance by adding value have started using mobile learning as a primary training source. Apart from easy accessibility, there are a number of other advantages of this training system.

  • Time Efficient

One of the biggest obstacles to learning as an employee is the lack of time. Employees don't have enough time on the job to complete their tasks and complete their training materials. Mobile learning facilitated this by offering courses in bite-sized fragments, making them easier to grasp and learn.

Compared to desktop and face-to-face training, employees who took mobile learning were found to benefit more. They also completed their course 45% faster on average. In addition, with mobile learning, your employees can easily access course material in their free time without being bound to where they are.

Apart from that, mobile learning also focuses on delivering quality content simply and efficiently. So, for instance, you don't have to read hundreds of pages in a manual to learn. Instead, you can take a corporate training session on your mobile and immediately benefit from the knowledge.

  • Increased Knowledge Retention

Even though the concept of mobile learning is still relatively new, numerous studies have proven that it increases productivity and retains knowledge better. In addition, when the course is designed with purpose, your employees can improve their retention by 55% better than traditional training methods.

Mobile learning is more effective through gamification of content or training materials. Most courses created are broken down into smaller videos for greater benefit. This leads to a better informed and well-trained workforce and can improve your company's ROI and overall performance.

  • Cost-Effective

Mobile learning isn't only beneficial for your employees but also for your employers. Mobile learning is much more effective because it doesn't require travel expenses, space, or materials. 

With mobile training, you don't have to schedule your days and invite instructors to conduct training. Instead, you can create a mobile learning course for your company and use LMS platforms like Danfe to host your courses. This way, your employees can continue learning whenever they have the time. In addition, employers don't have to provide any technical tools, as the employees can complete their training via smartphones.

  • More Engaging

LMS platforms make mobile learning more engaging and fun for the employees. They do this by sectioning the course material to make it easier for your employees to understand.

Opening Quote In addition, scrolling and learning can help employees gain more value from your training. Recent research has shown that mobile learning increases training engagement by 72%. Closing Quote

You can make your courses even more engaging by adding games to them. This will make the training addictive for your employees. You can do this by offering badges to your employees or creating a leaderboard. It makes your employees and team members return to the platform and engage more.

  • More Accessible

Mobile learning has the advantage of being easily accessible. With mobile learning, your team members can access courses whenever and wherever they want. Mobile learning allows them to learn at their own pace and get greater value from corporate training. They can easily fit these training courses into their current schedules. 

With Danfe, your employees can access the information with a single click. This seamless learning platform allows your employees to access the training easily, regardless of where they are. 

  • Higher Completion Rates

Since mobile learning is more engaging and accessible, it automatically leads to higher completion rates. That means more of your employees are completing their training programs on their own in a cost-effective way. In addition, the use of seamless LMS platforms has made the mobile learning completion rates 70% higher than traditional training methods. 

When you achieve high completion rates for your training, your employees get more value from your investment. Your company's performance also increases because your team members can use all the information to the best of their ability.

  • Encourages Continuous Learning

Most people, including some employers, think that employees despise the word training and want to finish it as soon as possible. However, this is no further than the truth. Research has recently shown that around 66% of corporate employees are interested in learning new skills. Another study found that 72% of employees would stay with their company if it offered engaging training. 

With mobile learning, companies can develop a culture of continuous learning for their employees. This is very important for employee engagement and retention. For example, you can suggest new opportunities for your team members to improve their skills by tracking their behavior. You can also send notifications and direct your employees to the relevant training courses.


Mobile learning is the way to go if you want to provide the best learning experience for your teams. This training adds value to your employees by allowing them to learn and develop new skills at their own pace so that organizations can benefit from a well-trained workforce. 

Mobile learning allows you to access training materials anywhere and deliver them in a more engaging way. When employers opt for mobile learning platforms, they can also see higher completion rates, which encourages continuous learning among employees. 

With Danfe, you get access to a seamless LMS platform that makes it easy to onboard and train your employees. It helps you create an environment for development and learning.

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